Göktuğ Sönmez


Göktuğ Sönmez got his bachelor’s degree in International from Bilkent University, his master’s degree in International Relations from London School of Economic (LSE), and his PhD in Politics and International Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. His research areas are International Relations Theory, Turkish Foreign Policy, Energy Politics, Politics of the KRG, and Radicalization and Violent Extremism. He conducted research on these areas at several institutions and think-tanks including the Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, BOTAŞ, and the Global Strategy Institute.


National and International Events

  • “The Tripartite Energy Game and Turkey’s Potential as a Eurasian Energy Hub”, paper presented at the International Conference on Eurasian Politics and Society, organized by the Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis (UK), 22-23 May 2015, Konya, Turkey.
  • “New Turkey’s Grand Strategy: An Ambitious Pursuit of Power-Maximization or a Value-Driven Policy Shift?”, paper presented at the International Congress on Turkey and the Balkans, co-organized by the Centre for Balkan and Black Sea Studies at Yıldız Technical University and the Balkan Studies Centre at the International University of Sarajevo,15-17 May 2015, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • CVE Research Conference, organized by Hedayah Research Center, 6-8 December 2015, Abu Dhabi.
  • “Radicalization, Violent Extremism and Turkey”, paper presented at the 2nd International Middle East Symposium, 4-7 May, 2016, Kırıkkale.
  • OSCE Counter Terrorism Conference 31 May- 1 June, 2016, organized by OSCE, Berlin.
  • CVE & PVE Expert Group Meeting, 2 March 2016, organized by SESRIC, SETA and ORSAM, Ankara.
  • Southeast Europe Regional Expert Workshop on “Factors and Drivers Underlying Radicalization and Violent Extremism Leading to Terrorism”, organized by RCC, 7 June 2016, Sarajevo.
  • “Violent Extremism and Turkey’s Efforts”, International Security Conference, organized by TASAM, 2-4 November 2016, İstanbul.
  • 2nd UfM Regional Forum: Mediterranean in Action: Youth for Stability and Development, organized by Union for Mediterranean, 23-24 January 2017, Barcelona.
  • Youth and the Prevention of Violent Extremism: Perspectives from the Black Sea Region, organized by OSCE, 1-3 February 2017, Chisinau.
  • “Drivers and Manifestations of Radicalization and Violent Extremism in the Black Sea Region”, Vienna OSCE Counter-Terrorism Conference, 22-24 May 2017, Viyana.
  • Speaker at the Wilton Park: Empowering the Future-Youth as Peacemakers dialogue, 16-18 October 2017, Amman.

Field Researches

  • December, 2015- Erbil, Kirkuk
  • March, 2016- Erbil, Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah


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English (Fluent)
Russian (Elementary)
Ottoman Turkish (Elementary)

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