Summer-Winter Schools

2016 ORSAM Summer School

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  • Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM) annually organizes “ORSAM’S Middle East Summer/Winter Schools.” Third and fourth year undergraduate students in relevant departments, graduate students from different universities in Turkey, and the people from different sectors who work in this field attend this program. Program includes different seminars on Middle East and courses are given by experts and advisors of ORSAM, bureaucrats and academics.

    2016 Middle East Summer School program was arranged in two different cities with the support of the Diplomacy Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2016 Summer Schools was held in Istanbul with the assistance of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University between 18-20 July 2016, and in Ankara with the assistance of TED University between 25-29 July 2016. Turkish and international students have shown active participation to both of these programs. Seminars, covering a wide range of topics such as Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies, Policies of Different Countries, the Syrian Crisis and Energy Policy in the Middle East etc., have been given by experts in their field. Attendants who completed this program successfully also received a certificate at the closing of the program.