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Is there an Emirati agenda for Turkey?

Espionage Case On 19th April, two intelligence operatives -who claimed to be working for the UAE- have been detained in Istanbul. The Turkish...

16 March - 22 March 2015 (Issue 224)

16 March - 22 March 2015 (Issue 224)

09 March - 15 March 2015 (Issue 223)

09 March - 15 March 2015 (Issue 223)

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Qatar Crisis Enters Third Year: Dim Prospects for Dispute Resolution

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) crisis that erupted in May/June 2017 is about to enter its third year. Realistically, an end to this emotional...

The State of the Gulf Cooperatıon Council: From Loose Integration to Deep Fragmentation

In the wake of the Arab Spring, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has shown certain signs of “loosening integration and deep...

Khashoggi 's Death and its Repercussions on the Saudi Position With Turkey

The Saudi-Turkish relations have fluctuated between durability and deterioration, partnership and competition. As there are good relations in...