Algeria: Change and Stability

Algerians' dream of political pluralism and liberty resurrected in the aftermath of the February 22 uprising (Hirak), the Algerian regime, however, is a long-standing element in the equation of change in Algeria, accompanying people’s desire for change and hope for a better life in Algeria. People of Algeria with the help of the military have succeeded to the removal of the ex-president oligarchic system, leaving a bitter taste for the young generation -- a generation who at best had been only protesting the corruption in the old system by staging small rallies around the country, but to no avail. This has changed, as a result, the president-elect Abdelmadjid Tebboune should be looking at people’s needs and demands as the country is in serious economic crisis and national security challenges, so Algerian silent majority voted for stability.


Friday, December 27,  2019 2:30 p.m

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Uysal, ORSAM President

Prof. Dr. Enver Arpa, Social Sciences University of Ankara 

Dr. Gökhan Bozbaş, ORSAM, North African Studies Coordinator

Abdennour Toumi, ORSAM North African Studies Expert

Venue: ORSAM Conference Hall

The event will be held in Turkish and English. There will be simultaneous translation in English.