Amar Rouabhi


  • Associate Professor, Bouira University, Faculty of Law.

Associate Prof. Amar ROUABHI got his bachelor’s degree from the Algerian National School of Administration (ENA), his Magister in public Law/ Human Rights, from Oran University, and his Doctorate in International Humanitarian Law from Oran University, but he prepared this doctoral work while in Algeria within the framework of the bilateral program and fellowship between,  Jules Verne University (France) and Istanbul University. His research areas are international law, human rights, asymmetric conflicts, comparative constitutional law, reforms of military and security institutions  and democratic transition. He has conducted research on these areas at several institutions including Paris 2 University (France), Deusto University (Spain), Heidelberg University (Germany), Fribourg University (Switzerland). 

He has published three books in human rights, international law and asymmetric conflicts, as well a several articles in national and international journals, and has participated in several scientific meetings both inside Algeria and abroad.


The Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War on the Maghreb Region

The relations between the former Soviet Union and each Maghreb country were not at the same level and have not followed the same pattern due to the...