Coronavirus Pandemic and Arab Societies

Online Conference

In the short and medium term, the Covit-19 virus is found to be uncontrollable, and the shock created by this situation was felt at all levels of society in most of the countries. Currently, no country is fully capable of dealing with this pandemic. Hence this extreme situation clarified the importance of civil institutions especially in those countries where civil institutions are extremely week such as United States of America.

These societies, whose social structure is understood to be weak, will feel the need to create new values in certain areas. The main areas of these fields can be listed as education, economy, politics and security. Different areas of social sciences deal with the question of “at what level the pandemic will have an impact on societies” at different levels. The conference, which will be held within this framework, will answer the following questions by considering the world and Arab societies:

1. What are the indicators that new values will be created at the individual, family and social levels?
2. What are the signs that new values will be created at the regional level?
3. What are the indicators that new values will be created at the international level?

Prof. Dr. Seif el-Islam Chouia, Annaba University

April 9, 2020 Thursday / Time: 17.00-18.30

The conference will take place in Arabic.