Covid-19 in Europe: Its Impact on the Muslim Community

Online Symposium

The World Health Organization declared a global health emergency on 30th January, and on 11th March, a pandemic. Covid-19 pandemic is shaking the world order system and challenging the 193 countries very hard, including developed ones. European countries are also hard hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, affecting daily life basis.

How the Arab & Muslim Community is coping with the pandemic? What effects will be on the Muslim Community? Where does this public health crisis will lead socially, economically and politically?

The current global emergency situation could bring about socioeconomic and political changes around the world. The vulnerable category of Muslim Community, especially the Arab and Turkish communities in Europe who are directly subjected to the effects of these changes, in the absence of an effective vaccine against Covid-19 one hand and socioeconomically of the vulnerable Muslim Community categories in the society on the other.

The pandemic has come at a time when the Muslim Community in Europe was already under great pressure from weak social protection systems and high youth unemployment. A large-scale spread of Covid-19 would have political, economic and security implications on the host countries that would lead to further destabilization in such relation between host and guest communities integration and post-integration in Europe.

In this regard Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Ankara, Turkey (ORSAM) is pleased to announce that now is accepting short research notes 800-1200 words in English and Arabic devoted to the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and its impact on the Muslim Community in Europe for rapid peer review and publication.  

The Editor-in-Chief, Professor Hilmi Ozev, the Managing-Editor and the Editorial Advisory Board look forward to receiving your paper.

Date: 4 -  5 June 2020
4th June 2020:
First session: 10:00-12:30 / Second session 13:30-16:30
5th June 2020: 10:00-13:00

Venue: Zoom

Seminar: English, Arabic & Turkish

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