Explaining the Omani National Counterterrorism Strategy

The Sultanate of Oman has been consistently able to maintain its stability of security and stay away from the claws of terrorism, increasing the efficiency of its national counterterrorism strategy. This article explores local and international reports that measure Oman’s current terrorism’s status, and the reasons behind Oman’s ability to stay terrorism-free, particularly in light of the ever-increasing number of terrorist attacks and incidents in the Arabian Gulf region and the appearance of terrorist groups in nearby states. This research endeavors to analyze the existing knowledge to clearly understand the Omani approach and strategy in counterterrorism. The data collected for this research are extracted from semi-structured interviews and from policy analyses achieved through observing procedures, reviewing related legislation, and a detailed review of all previously associated policies. This research is exploring how the Sultanate of Oman defines terrorism, examining the elements of the Omani national counterterrorism strategy, and understanding the different phases of the Omani counterterrorism strategy. It recommends that the Sultanate of Oman should maintain a defensive approach to its national counterterrorism strategy to face terrorism and ensure its stability of security.