Gökhan Bozbaş


Gökhan Bozbaş was born in 1981. After the graduation from Nazilli Anatolian High School, he started his education in Selcuk University. He completed his Bachelor degree on International Relation at the Faculty of economics and administrative sciences in 2004. Afterward, Bozbaş completed two master degree of Political science and Orientalism with the thesis title “European Identity and Europaization of Turkey” in Ruhr University/Germany. During his PhD studies, he started to work as a researching assistant at the Konya University. Subsequently in 2016, he finished PhD studies which is about “Socio-Political Transformation of Egypt and the Question of Democratization”. In the same year he started to work as assistant proffesor full time lecturer at Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department of International Relations. During his postgraduate education he visited and lived in Syrian, Egypt, Jordan, Germany and England. he has two books and many articles about middle eastern studies especially palestinian Issue and Egyptian politics. He can speak English, German and Arabic fluently.