Haydar Oruç


Haydar Oruç was born in 1972 in Kaman, Kırşehir. After completing his primary and secondary education in Ankara, he completed his high school education at the Naval NCO High School in Istanbul. After working in the floating and beach units of the Naval Forces Command for 25 years since 1989, he retired voluntarily in 2014. During this period, he took part in many national and international duties and received awards for his achievements.

During his duty, he completed his undergraduate and graduate education in Public Administration. After his retirement, he started his Ph.D program in Middle East Studies at the Sakarya University Middle East Institute in 2014. Throughout his doctoral programme, he served as a researcher at the Israel table, and worked as the assistant editor of the Turkish Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

His areas of expertise include Turkey-Israel relations, society and politics in Israel, Israel's regional and global relations, Israel's energy and security policies, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the peace process. In his doctoral research, he has focused on the “role of civil society organizations in Israel in the decision-making processes”. He also works on energy, migration and refugee issues as well as human rights law and cultural diplomacy. He has participated in many national and international trainings on these issues.

He has presented many papers at national and international congresses, written chapters on various book projects and published articles in academic journals such as the Turkish Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and the Journal of Bilgi Social Sciences. Since 2016, he has regularly assumed responsibility for writing the Israeli sections of the Middle East Yearbook and Turkish Yearbook of International Relations. In addition, he has a number of analysis papers, especially about the Middle East, Israel and Palestine, in Turkish or English in periodical publications such as Middle East Analysis Magazine, Foreign Policy and Kriter (Criteria), and in media organs such as Anadolu Agency, New Turkey, Sabah, Star and Yeni Şafak.

Since October 2019, he has been working as a Palestinian/Israeli Studies specialist at ORSAM and is also the editor of the Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.