Ida Bary


 She finished her Ph.D. in International Politics at the University of Birmingham, and is waiting for her viva voce . Her Ph.D. thesis is titled “Low-leverage states in International Mediation: a comparison between Qatar and Norway.” She has two master's degrees. The first one is from the USA. She received a Fulbright Scholarship to study at Kansas State University, USA. Her second master's degree is from Norway and it is in international development. Mrs.  Ida Bary has a BA degree in economics and political sciences from the Islamic University of Gaza. She was an outstanding student who graduated with a GPA of 92.96%. She has worked in many international organizations such as Amnesty International. She contributed as a researcher and editor to a book entitled “The Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Winter” within the International Security Program- Beler Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School, Harvard, 2017. She participated in many research areas such as women in the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Jihadist war economy. Her research interests are represented in conflict resolution, international mediation, Islamic movements, Palestinian – Israeli conflict, and the Yemeni conflict.

Biden’s Decisions Related to Yemen: Is it a Step Towards Peace or Unforced Concessions to Iran?

“This war has to end…. we are ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms...