Khashoggi 's Death and its Repercussions on the Saudi Position With Turkey

The Saudi-Turkish relations have fluctuated between durability and deterioration, partnership and competition. As there are good relations in economic and strategic partnerships and agreements on political issues, such as the common positions of the Syrian conflict, there are also controversial issues about competing for the leadership of the Muslim world and the position of Qatar and Egypt, where Turkey has supported Qatar in its dispute with Saudi Arabia. Also, Qatar and Turkey are sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, which Riyadh regards and fights as a terrorist organization. In general, relations between Riyadh and Ankara have been tense during the previous period, yet the economic relations have endured this tension and have not declined.

The case of Khashoggi ‘s death has set a clear course for the relationship between the two Islamist forces, especially after the clear Turkish stance on the issue and its role in escalating the issue and bringing it into the focus of the world attention, which reflected the deterioration of the reputation of the kingdom, especially Bin Salman Leading the scene.

In this report, we try to analyze the contents of the press coverage of three major newspapers in the Kingdom, Okaz and Alwatan as two of the most widely distributed and widespread Saudi newspapers, and the electronic newspaper, the largest electronic newspaper in the Kingdom, as well as the positions of some journalists close to The Saudi regime and administrators through their Twitter accounts.

We will address the topic in several axes: the curriculum vitae of the late Jamal Khashoggi, then how the crisis was originated, the Turkish position on the crisis, then the Saudi media treatment of the issues about Turkey before the Khashogg case. We also review to address the Saudi media crisis, in addition to the positions of some media professionals on the Saudi regime before the crisis and response from Turkey, and finally analyze the content of the Saudi media handling of the crisis and conclusion.