M. Hakan Berument


After graduating from the Middle East Technical University Department of Economics in 1987, Hakan Berument received his master's degree from the University of Kentucky in 1989 and a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1994. Working for a while at Wake Forest University, Berument served as the Director General for Research at the Central Bank of Turkey and the director for the Energy Policy Research Center at Bilkent University. Receiving a number of awards from the Turkish Academy of Sciences and Parlar Foundation, Berument has more than 100 articles published in journals such as Southern Economic Journal, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Physica A, Journal of Macroeconomics, and Energy Journal as well as other journals indexed by SCI and SSCI.

In his research, Berument focuses on how Turkey's distinctive economic and structural problems differ from those of other countries, and also delves into the dynamics special for Turkey and assesses their impact. Initially interested mainly in producing policies in accordance with Turkey’s financial and fiscal structure, Berument has analyzed Turkey's geostrategic position and examined the dynamics specific to Turkey’s energy, transportation and financial structure in recent years.