ORSAM Panel: Afrin: The First Anniversary of the Olive Branch Operation

It has been one year since Turkey launched the Olive Branch Operation as a part of its counter terrorism efforts in Syria. Like the Euphrates Shield region, following the completion of the 58-day-long military operation, Turkey has started to establish a civillian and security structure which prioritizes local dynamics in Afrin. In this context, along with the establishment of local councils, a police department, whose task is to ensure security, has also been established in the Afrin city and six of its counties. However, the latest developments and the final situation in Afrin have been unclear to public opinion and to the experts. In this framework, the ORSAM Center will organise a panel with the participation of local authorities of Afrin city, elaborate on the developments during one year period and the steps planned to be taken in Afrin.


February 12th 2019

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Uysal, ORSAM, Director

Said Suleyman, Head of Afrin Local Council
Nasir Husso, Head of Afrin Chamber of Industry and Trade
Oytun Orhan, ORSAM Syria Studies Coordinator

ORSAM Conference Hall, Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi 2128. Cadde No: 3

The language of panel will be in Turkish and Arabic. There will be simultaneous translation to English.