ORSAM Public Lecture: The Changing Situation of the Middle East and Prospects for Cooperation and Peace

Event Reports

The Middle East region has entered a critical stage of changes and upheavals after the popular movements that started at the end of 2010. This process has brought down the leaders of the long-lived administrations in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. In addition, long-term internal conflicts and direct foreign interventions have occurred in Syria, Libya and Yemen. Along with globalization and the search for new balance of power globally, the power vacuum in the region has allowed an increased role of terrorist organizations and non-state actors. The sectarian divisions and conflicts in the Middle East that were aggravated with the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, deepened with the Syrian crisis. During the last two years we have witnessed another softer round of protests in Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, and Sudan that toppled the governments in these countries. 

Political crises are widespread in the Middle East and are not unique to one country like Lebanon. From the armed conflicts to the disputes over the potential sharing of the East Mediterranean gas reserves in the region, the Covid-19 pandemic also affects the region economically and politically. As Turkey is at the center stage of these debates, Lebanon is also affected by the developments in the region due to the spillover effects of the Syrian crisis and its proximity to the East Mediterranean controversy. ORSAM Center for Middle Eastern Studies hosts the leading politicians and opinion leaders of the Middle East in order to understand the nature of transformations in the region. For this purpose, ORSAM will host H.E. Fouad Siniora, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, in an online meeting on April 6, 2021.

6 April 2021, Tuesday - 16.00

Prof. Ahmet Uysal, ORSAM President

Keynote Speaker
H.E. Fouad Siniora, Former Prime Minister of Lebanon

Facebook live stream: http://facebook.com/orsamorgtr/live