The Complete Decipher of the “Chance in Syria Conference”, Carried Out in Antalya Between June 1-2 2011

The groups who addressed a speech represented these social segments and political parties: Arab tribes, Muslim Brotherhood, Kurds, Arab Alawis, Turkmens, Druzes, Christians, Assyrians, Yezidis, intellectuals (academician, artist, scientist), non-governmental organizations, the representatives of prominent provinces, Leaders of Damascus Declaration, Syrians in Europe, Syrians in US, Syrians in Middle East, Syrians in Turkey.

Because of the existence of Arab Alawis in the key points of Syrian regime, in case of a possible regime change, there is a risk of the anger which existed for many years towards the government turning to the Arab Alawite minorities. This situation prevents the Arab Alawis from getting involved in opponent groups. Therefore, one of the most important subjects in conference was the publication of a notice so as to satisfy the Arab Alawis in the new system to be “established”. By this way, The Arab Alawis were “called for the uprising and tried to satisfy about the fact that the future for a new, free and independent Syria is safe after the regime collapse”.

Some ideas were suggested during the Antalya meeting to weaken and demolish the regime and also to mobilize the opposition, for instance, the idea for the creation of “liberated areas” to weaken the regime was brought to agenda. It was proposed to create a region purged by the security forces of regime in the region of Euphrates and Al-Jazira. In this direction, one of the most important subjects was that the Arab Tribes and the Kurds living in these regions should make efforts. Another proposal is that a ship full of food and medicine should go to Syria with the participation of Syrian, Arab and occidental individuals to attract world public opinion’s attention towards Syria and to increase the international pressure on regime. For this initiative called “Freedom Ship”, making an effort on the organization and coordination of Antalya meeting’s plan was also brought to agenda. Another proposal was that the Syrian minorities living in every country should inform the public opinion, raise its awareness about the Syria issue and also create pressure group on their governments.