"The Future of Iraq in the Light of Recent Developments and Turkey"

Protests that have been going on for more than four months in Iraq are thought to affect both the new government formation process and Iraqi politics. After the forcement of PM Adil Abdulmahdi’s resignment, the demands of the demonstrators are expected to find more provisions in the new cabinet and will be a pushing-dynamic on the following cabinet. In facts, some protestors’ opposition to Muhammed Tawfiq Allawi being the prime minister may ensure that people’s demand will take place in the new cabinet. However, different demands of the protestors and political parties may affect the decision of the new cabinet or narrow the government’s decision-making capabilities.

In this regard, understanding the dynamics of the new cabinet to be established due to the ongoing demonstrations and the separations between parties is importing for understanding the future of Iraq. On the other hand, the question of Iraq’s future under the stress of US-Iran tensions and regional questions will affect its neighboring Turkey. In order to better understand these dynamics, ORSAM will hold the Iraq’s former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and Iraqi Parliament Baghdad MP Mohammed Shyaa al-Sudani to meet the public.