Yavuz Özalp


  • Media Communication Manager, Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM)

Born in 1989 in Istanbul, Yavuz Özalp graduated from the Balıkesir University, Business Management Program, Management and Organization in 2010. During this period, he carried out social responsibility projects in the field of renewable energy resources within the scope of calls for proposals by the United Nations Development Agency. After graduating from the university, he worked as a Project Manager in a consultancy firm and conducted project-based volunteering activities. Afterwards, he worked as a protocol manager at Turkcell Superonline.

Özalp took part in the Business Administration program at Sakarya University in 2011 and worked as a Student Assistant at the SAU Middle East Institute until 2015, and took an active role in organizing and conducting many international congresses when he worked at the Institute. In the same period, he served as a project manager for four years in the Prime Ministry YTB projects under the directorate of the Sakarya Information Culture Center. He also worked as a project and organization consultant for many firms in the public and private sectors during and after his university education.

Observing the Egyptian military coup in Egypt for three months in 2013, Özalp conducted a survey study in Egypt during this period.

He worked in the Program Management Unit of the Turkish Green Crescent Society in 2015. He also served as the project coordinator in the Media Communications Department at TUGVA in 2017 and as Media Communications Consultant in a special Project at SETA in 2018.

Özalp, who has expertise in web projects, especially in digital marketing, as well as with SEO, digital advertising, content management and social media, is also interested in the blockchain technology.

Continuing his master’s studies in the Department of Globalization and International Relations at Namık Kemal University with his thesis titled “The Role of Intelligence in the Establishment of Israel”, Özalp’s main areas of interest are Israel, security, cyber intelligence, structure of intelligence organizations, their organizational development, and management domains.

Yavuz Özalp has been working as the Media Communication Unit Manager at ORSAM since 2020.