Yusuf Yıldırım


  • Administrative Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Istanbul)

Mr. Yusuf Yıldırım is continuing his education at Nigde University and Istanbul University.He started his professional career at Birikim Schools where he served as Deputy Administrative Affairs Manager, Executive Assistant, Youth Academies Manager, Corporate Communication Manager, and Coordinator for Izmir and Ankara.He has served as a board member in various civil society organizations including MGV/AGD (National Youth Foundation/ Anadolu Youth Association) and ONDER-ONCU SPORT. He has participated in aid works in the Balkans, Central Asia and Africa. After having lived in Mongolia for many years, he was awarded honorary Mongolian citizenship. In addition to his position as Administrative Director of ORSAM in Istanbul, Mr. Yıldırım also serves on the boards of various civil society organizations.