1st Turkish-Syrian Media Forum

The Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies, Syrian TV and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) prepare a joint event under the title of “Common Vision for a Better Future”. The forum, which will be held in Istanbul on February, 8 - 9 will be organized with the participation of several Syrian and Turkish researchers, media representatives and experts.

The Forum aims to deepen the communication between Turkish media professionals and Syrian colleagues on institutional and individual level, and to find methods to create a positive and effective network. It aims to explore the possibilities of cooperation that will reverse the negative view of part of the Turkish society towards the Syrians. And to contribute to a better understanding between Turkish and Syrian media. In addition, Turkish and Syrian media representatives will discuss the content of the Syrians media output. Some suggestions will be offered, after pointing out the weak points in the contents. Through this media forum, it is also expected to create an organized and concrete cooperation mechanism between the Turkish and Syrian media.

24 speakers, including Turkish and Syrian officials, writers, researchers and media representatives, will participate in the two-day media forum. Moreover, approximately 100 journalists representing Turkish and Syrian media foundations will take place in the forum as debaters or participants.

Seminar will consist of six main sessions;

Key issues will be discussed including:

  • Turkey's perspective on the Syrian issue
  •  media's role in the coexistence of Syrian and Turkish communities
  • Turkish media perspective on the Syrian opposition and the Syrian regime
  •  The consequences of the media's negative perspective on Syrians in Turkey
  • Syrian media operating in Turkey
  • Problems and obstacles faced by the Syrian media operating in Turkey
  • Disintegration problem of the Turkish and Syrian media
  • Quiescence of Syrian media in Turkey
  • The most crucial negative situations expressed by the Turkish media about Syrians
  • Perspective of the Turkish media on Turkey’s assistance to Syrians in Turkey
  • The view of Turkish media on Syrians affecting Turkey’s economy
  • Syrian refugee influence in the Turkish economy
  • The ignorance of Turkish media on Syrians living in Turkey who play an active role in Turkey’s economy
  • The role of electronic media in increasing hostility
  • The role of “youtubers” in preventing smear campaigns for Syrians
  • The importance of cooperation and links between Syria and Turkey media
  • Suggestions for strengthening the communication network between Turkish and Syrian media.

The Forum will be held at Sheraton Istanbul City Center hotel and invitations are personal. For more information please contact one of the organizers. To learn more about the schedule and details of the seminar, check the seminar form published on the organizers' websites please.

Harmoon Centre for Contemporary Studies
It is an independent, nonprofit, research, cultural and media institution. Its main focus is to conduct studies and researches about the Arab region, especially Syria. It also works towards cultural and media development, enhancing the civil society performance, and spreading democratic awareness and values of dialogue, as well as respect for human rights. The Centre also provides consultation and training services in political and media fields for all Syrians.

Syria TV
It is the television of all Syrians reflecting the suffering and hopes of Syrians, advocating the values of the Syrian revolution, emphasizing the development of civilization and citizenship principles in the new Syria, and rejecting dictatorship, religious extremism and all kinds of foreign initiatives.

Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM)
As a region that shares deep-rooted historical, cultural and neighborhood ties with Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa region is going through a process of serious political and social changes. Therefore, it became necessary to follow these complex and dynamic developments as well as to interpret them. The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) was established in January 2009 to inform the general public and the foreign policy community on the Middle East. ORSAM is a nonpartisan and non-profit research center based in Ankara. ORSAM provides information on Middle Eastern affairs and exposes the Turkish academia and political circles to the perspectives of researchers from the region.

The number of attendees is limited, so if anyone wants to attend, please he/she should call the following number: +90 850 888 15 20 
And give his/ her informations, then we will respond to inform them about the possibility of attendance.