Effects of the Syrian Refugees on Turkey

This joint research prepared by ORSAM and TESEV investigates the effects of Syrian refugees on the country’s social structure, economy, politics and security. Findings on these topics can be found in the study. Besides general classifications, each city hosting Syrian refugees have a unique condition according to its demography, economy and political atmosphere. Thus, there are individual city analyses investigating the unique situation in every city. The study is based on three main observations. First, a considerable number of Syrian refugees in Turkey will either stay in the country for an extended period of time or will live the remainder of their lives in Turkey. Second, based on the first observation, it is crucial that Turkey prepare a comprehensive policy that includes preventative measures to deal with possible negative reaction from the local communities. This issue is predominantly about social integration, and recommendations for decision makers are provided in the conclusion. The third evaluation is related to diversity. If the integration process Works effectively, the Syrian refugee situation might contribute to an enhancement of the multicultural makeup of Turkey.