Policy Brief

Elections in Israel: Background, Blocs, Forecasts

The political life in Israel has been facing an insurmountable political stalemate since 2019. After the elections held in March 2021, the next election was expected to be held no later than  November 11, 2025, as per the four-year period determined by the Basic Laws.  A government was formed following these elections after eight parties from different political orientations joined forces. This situation led to comments that the government was fragile from the very first moment it was established. In fact, although the political approaches of the parties (nationalist/conservative, centrist, Islamist, and liberal) forming the coalition are quite different from each other, the main motivation that brought them together is the end of the 12-year-long Netanyahu government. In the following process, in June, the government announced early elections due to the problems experienced in the country, especially in domestic politics. Israeli citizens are due to go to the polls again on November 1, 2022. The 25th government in Israel will be formed after the election, which will be held for the fifth time in a row, for the first time in 3.5 years in Israel's history.