From Hope to Uncertainty the Anatomy of Algerian Hirak in 2019

The word hirak in Arabic means mobility. This “mobility” Hirak that brought Algerian people together has moved Algerians around the world to feel ouled labled, which means the children of the patria (al-watan); hence in the moment Algerians became patriots, wrapped up under the Algerian flag not for the football national team, but to build a modern nation-state. This is historical, yet: what makes Algerians smile?  The mobility of their civility is the singularity of these Fridays after Jummah’s prayers. Thus, this unique Algerian sociopolitical mobility is perhaps a lead to the Algerian people’s popular cultural multiplicity, adding value from their various ethnicities—a test could push further elements of the mosaic Hirak towards polity, civility and accountability.



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