Roundtable Discussion

Iranian Policies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon: An Assessment of the Last Decade

During the past decade, Iran was able to expand in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon using different methods. The roundtable aims to clarify the similarities and differences in the methods and methods that Iran has followed in the three countries in order to achieve its current goals, whether security, military, economic, or even social during the past decade. The workshop also aims to clarify Iran's long-term goals in those countries and how the international powers deal with Iran in each country, in addition to the map of the local forces loyal and hostile to Iran.

September 21, 2021

Navvar Şaban, OMRAN Researcher & ORSAM Non Resident Fellow

Bassam Barabandi, Non-resident research Newline Institue
Bilgehan Alagöz, Director of Foreign Policy Program Center for Iranian Studies (Ankara)
Dr. Hamidi Maleki, Associate Fellow Washington Institute
Mona Alami, Journalist and Expert in Hezbollah and Iranian influence

The roundtable language is English.