Libya: Between Exacerbation and Hope

ORSAM Center is organizing an online conference based on the latest diplomatic developments, following peace talks initiatives in Rabat, Cairo and Valleta to Tunis next month on the Libyan crisis on October 22, 2020, at 3:00 p.m. Ankara time with the participation of a distinguished international panel, experts on Libya politics and security.

Ferhat Polat, Researcher at TRT World Research Center, specializing in Libyan affairs
Turkey’s role in the Libyan conflict and what are the prospects for a political solution in Libya?
Noamane Cherkaoui, Researcher and political analyst focuses on North Africa geopolitics. He is also a postgraduate in International Relations from Leicester University.
Topic: Morocco’s past and present peacemaking initiatives in Libya
Jalel Harchaoui, Researcher fellow at Clingendaelong, Hague, Netherlands, focuses on Libya politics and security
Overall situation and state of play
Tarek Megerisi, Policy fellow at ECFR