Operation Spring Shield: Political and Security Aspects of Idlib Problem

Idlib, which is the last region in the hands of opponents against the Syrian regime, has entered into a huge humanitarian, military and political deadlock as a result of the land and air operations launched by the regime since May 2019. As the vital point of the Syrian crisis, Idlib was destabilized by military operations carried out by the regime forces in violation of the Sochi agreement. Assad forces backed by the Russian air forces and Iranian militias, captured several regions including 7 out of 12 observation points established by Turkey according to Sochi agreement. Some strategic regions like Khan Sheikhun and Marat al-Nouman were also captured by the Assad regime. Turkey transported large military convoys to border line and certain points in Idlib against the violations of the regime. Therefore, an extremely fragile situation emerged on the field that could evolve into an interstate war. Diplomatic attempts between Turkey and Russia remained inconclusive due to incompatible demands of the parties. Although the diplomatic process between the two countries continues, the tension in the field has gradually increased. The fact that Turkey is a NATO ally has affected the course of diplomacy with Russia. The US and many other NATO countries has declared their solidarity with Turkey on the Idlib issue. As a result, Idlib issue created a regional impact at the beginning but later it was turned into an international problem. Within the framework of all these developments, Center for the Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) will organize a panel to address Turkey’s position in Idlib, security and international aspects of the problem. In addition to evaluating the current developments, the panel will look for answers regarding what kind of developments await the region.

March 3, 2020, 10:30-12:30

İsmail Numan Telci, Vice President of ORSAM

Oytun Orhan, ORSAM Levant Studies Coordinator
Samir Seifan, President of Harmoon Center For Contemporary Studies
Brig. Gen. Ahmad Rahhal, Syrian Security Analyst, former Defence Minister of Syrian Interim Government

ORSAM Conference Hall, Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi, 2128 St., No: 3

The panel will be held in Turkish and Arabic. There will be simultaneous translation into English.