Middle Eastern Studies April / Volume:13 / No:2

Salafi Thought and Its Reflections in Turkey

Salafi thought and its reflections have always been the center of attention of academic, political, and security fields due to its relationship with religion and society on the one hand, and its security dimension on the other. Although the outlook and reflections of the Salafi thought differ due to the characteristics of societies and the attitudes of security authorities in these societies, this thought is known to be present in all Muslim countries, including the Republic of Turkey. This article gives an information summary about religion and religious education in Turkey and examines the emergence of the Salafi thought and its reflections and the stance the state takes towards Salafi currents. The article does not touch upon the rise of Salafism and its development as well as other subject matters, such as the best-known historical Salafi figures, but rather focuses only on its situation in Turkey in recent years. The research reveals the extent to which Salafi thought is accepted in Turkish society and the state’s position vis-a-vis Salafi movements.