Sezgin Altun


Born in Ankara in 1979 and graduated from Keçiören Vocational High School's Electronics Department in 1997, Sezgin Altun received the Computer Maintenance and Repair Mastery Certificate and Computer Maintenance and Repair Instructor Certificate from the Ministry of National Education in 2002. He completed his education in the Department of Public Administration at Anadolu University's Faculty of Economics in 2023.

Starting his career in 1997, Sezgin Altun has been involved in activities related to creating computer hardware and software infrastructures, ensuring their continuity, and resolving technical issues in various organizations. In addition to his results-oriented troubleshooting skills, he has experience in providing customer service and technical support.

Since September 2023, Sezgin Altun has been working as the Information Technology Officer at ORSAM.