Syria Crisis in 2020 and Prospects for 2021

The popular uprising in Syria started in March 2011. The process started with civil protests but has evolved over time into a deep crisis. The crisis in Syria has become a multidimensional crisis involving multiple actors, with consequences that extend beyond Syria and into the Middle East region and affect global security. The crisis, which has political, diplomatic, military, economic and humanitarian dimensions, is still unresolved by 2021. In 2020, there were developments in the Geneva and Astana platforms regarding political solution of the crisis. From a socioeconomic perspective, the social consequences of the economic crisis in Syria, which has worsened as U.S. sanctions intensified, came to the fore. As for the military and security dimension, the focus was on the ongoing rivalries and conflicts between the regime and the opposition and its foreign supporters in Idlib, the developments in the east of the Euphrates regarding YPG/PKK and the restrengthening of the ISIS. It seems unlikely that the Syria crisis will find a final solution in 2021.

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) is organizing an online panel to discuss the developments in the Syrian crisis in 2020 and the prospects for 2021, with their political, economic, and military dimensions. The panel will discuss topics such as the status of political efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis and what developments can be expected thereafter, the direction the economic crisis in Syria will take in 2021, and the course of military developments in areas such as Idlib and east of the Euphrates River.

January 10, 2020

Samir Abdullah, ORSAM Levant Studies Expert

Omar Sheikh Ibrahim, Syrian Journalist: Political Assessment of the Syrian Crisis
Karam Shaar, Middle East Institute Researcher: Syrian Economy in 2020 and Prospects for 2021
Abdul Jabbar Akidi, Syrian Colonel (ret.), Military Analyst: Developments in the Security Dimension of the Syrian Crisis

The panel language is Arabic. Simultaneous translation into English will be provided.