Ahmet Uysal


  • Director of Middle Eastern Studies Center (ORSAM) in Ankara
  • Professor of Political Sociology in Istanbul University

Dr. Ahmet Uysal is a political sociologist interested in studying Arab Affairs and Turkish-Arab relations. Dr. Uysal graduated from the Middle Technical University's sociology department. He received his master's and doctoral degree in the Southern Illinois University, USA. Previously he taught at the Dumlupinar and Marmara Universities. Currently he is teaching in Istanbul University’s International Relations Department. Dr. Uysal lived in Egypt as the AUC research fellow in 2010 and he has recently published a book on Turkey’s Image in Egypt before and after the Revolution in Turkish.  

Dr. Ahmet Uysal has coordinated several Arab-Turkish Congresses of Social Sciences (ATCOSS) since 2010 and wishes to advance academic cooperation among Turkey and the Arab world. He follows the developments in Turkey and the Arab world and works to improve understanding and cooperation at academic and social levels. He is the author of another book named Sociology of Social Movements. Along with his native Turkish, he speaks English, Arabic and some French. He writes and comments on Turkish and Middle Eastern affairs in national and international platforms including the Academia and the media outlets such Aljazeera, BBC and Al-Arabia.

Email: ahmet.uysal@orsam.org.tr

Twitter: @ProfAhmet_Uysal

FB: uysala

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