Middle East Seminars Spring Program 2021

The Middle East is a geographical region that has great importance in history. The region hosts many ethnic and religious nationalities with its unique geographical features and huge energy resources. Features of the Middle East are important for regional as well as for extra-regional powers that have historically sought to achieve control over these features. Thus, it has generally been a conflict-prone area. Most people know very little about the Middle East and the people living there. This lack of knowledge hurts our ability to understand and engage in discussions about current events. Therefore, getting to know the Middle East closely will give us a different approach and improve our ability to analyze many important events.

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (ORSAM) will arrange a Middle East Spring School for all levels of students as well as for ones who have newly become interested in the field. The program will be for twelve (12) weeks, and each week different topics about the region will be discussed. This program aims to raise awareness about the region by providing detailed information about security, economy, and energy politics in the Middle East and North Africa. ORSAM kindly invites you to submit your application for the Middle East Spring School.

"ORSAM Middle East Seminars Spring Program 2021" program courses will be given by ORSAM experts, external experts and faculty members.

General Description
* The program is free of charge.
* Course attendance is mandatory, and all students must attend 80% of all lectures. E-certificates will be given depending on the participation.
* Quizzes can be held during the lessons and / or an exam at the end of the program.
* The program language will be English.

Click to access the names who are eligible to participate in the program

* Information e-mail with the necessary issues regarding the program and the link will be sent to the participants on Friday, March 12 (tomorrow).

Important Dates:
Application Deadline: March 8, 2021, Monday – 6:00 pm UTC/GMT +3 İstanbul Time
Program Period:  Saturdays 16:00-18:00, March 13th - May 29th 2021

 Zoom (Relevant links will be sent via e-mail to accepted candidates before the program.)

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*ORSAM reserves the right to change the day, time and content of the courses.