Protests in Iraq and Lebanon: Actors, Causes and Impacts

Protests in Iraq and Lebanon will impact the respective country’s local dynamics, regional and global politics. Such movements, can be regarded as the extension of the Arab Spring protests, could be motioned as the beginning of new change waves which can brought new waves of transformation. In this regard, evaluation of the outstanding actors, causes and the impacts of the protests will be valuable.

5 November 2019, 14:00-16:00

Bilgay Duman, ORSAM Iraq Studies Coordinator 

Hamza Shareef, Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies former Director​
Hussam Botani, International Center for Strategic and Political Research Director
Dr. Mustafa Yetim, ORSAM Levant Studies Expert  ​
Dr. Ali Bakeer, Researcher ​

ORSAM Conference Hall

Program will be available in Turkish, English and Arabic