Searching for Resolution in The Palestine Impasse: Germany-Turkey’s Mediation

The Palestine impasse is a conflict subject that has not been resolved for nearly a century. The fact that this geography, part of which is Jerusalem, is considered to be a sacred space by three great religions, the history of the region is very old, and that many global factors have become a part of this issue have all made the Palestinian-Israeli conflict multidimensional and hundreds of academic studies have been conducted. Although this study is one of them, it includes incentives and recommendations for getting results and offers different perspectives on how building blocks of peace should be created. However, it avoids entering into the historical details in this regard, and tries to introduce how German-Turkish mediation can contribute to permanent peace in the Palestine impasse. As stated in the article, both Germany and Turkey would be required to be in contact between themselves and both the conflicting sides. In addition, in possible peace talks mediation through convincing Israel by Germany and Palestine by Turkey is also envisaged. Introducing how Germany and Turkey can contribute to peace through their capacity to interfere with the conflicting actors, influence the parties, credibility on a global scale, and a common cultural background and so on, has been tried. Therefore, the fact that the US has lost its neutrality in the recent decision by moving its embassy to Jerusalem has accentuated the need for Turkey as a regional power and Germany as a locomotive power of EU. In this study, no peace is expected from today to tomorrow, but it is hoped that the study will contribute to efforts to build a permanent peace in the Palestinian impasse.